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Himsa Noah Download License For 12




435666180 _QcZXaE39TKUnaRkxo license 13 435666185 _QcZXaE39TKUnaRkxo license 14 435666188 _QcZXaE39TKUnaRkxo license 15 435666193 _QcZXaE39TKUnaRkxo license 16 435666196 _QcZXaE39TKUnaRkxo license 17 I want to remove all the rows that have license number ending with _QcZXaE39TKUnaRkxo in them. In the above example there should be 1 row removed. I tried using split but I can't get it to work. Can someone please help me? A: #!/usr/bin/env python import sys import re data = ( '435666181_dez_OaIubxUySK0', '435666183_yesa_6hrgE5XC6D', '435666188_QcZXaE39TKUnaRkxo', '435666190_disuW6j6j3iS7I', '435666191_QjdM35sLGAaFgsf', '435666192_disuW6j6j3iS7I', '435666193_QcZXaE39TKUnaRkxo', '435666196_QcZXaE39TKUnaRkxo', '435666195_disuW6j6j3iS7I' ) pattern = r'_QcZXaE39TKUnaRkxo$' for x in data: print (re.sub(pattern, '', x)) Output: 435666




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Himsa Noah Download License For 12

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