Graduation – The Victor’s Crown

Victor's crown

My favourite thing about being a Christian is the fact that I constantly find myself in a place whereby once again - I do not know anything about anything. And as soon as I know something then I know nothing again. This for me is most humbling experience. What an amazing journey.

What do I mean? When I attended Primary school, it started with Primary Class One, when you did well and passed your exams you then got promoted to class two, three, four until seven. After class seven, you would then graduate onto high school. Each class lasted a year. The only prerequisite for moving on from one class to a higher class was studying hard and passing your exams. With every class came new subjects to learn that were more difficult than the previous class. The number of subjects per class also seemed to increase the higher you went. Every year, you found yourself in a new class, with new subjects to learn, perhaps a new desk and new teachers.

Whilst in Primary school, I never met any student who consciously decided to stay in a class at the end of the year. It was only in those cases where students did not pass their exams that they would then be asked to repeat a class – for it’s entire year, and all subjects, again! Thank God I never repeated a class. Repeating a class placed a burden on the student’s parents and also what that meant was this student had now fallen behind his peers and people of his own age.

Good students always had their eyes on the prize. They aimed to study hard and pass their exams every year for seven years with the hope of graduating in the seventh year. The best students pressed on when it was difficult, woke up early, stayed up late, approached their teachers when they did not understand, stayed out of trouble and always did as they were told. These are the ones whose names would be remembered and referenced for years after the class graduated.

Today, I found myself reflecting on this primary school experience and how it relates to my personal walk with Christ. In 1 Philippians 3:14 Paul writes, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. (NIV)

As you read this entire section of the scripture it is very much as though Paul was laying out our Christian school structure as follows: