Lord, what is my purpose?

This is one of life’s greatest questions.

Many seek an answer that will come from outside our galaxy. Usually, I have found the answer to be in starting where you are and letting God use what you have.

In 1 Kings 18:1-16, we read about a man named Obadiah.

Obadiah was a man strategically positioned in a place of purpose and he knew it.

As the palace administrator, he was a man that could be trusted by the world’s system – by King Ahab, and he could also be trusted by God, - 1 Kings 18:3 describes him as a devout believer.

You can tell how devout Obadiah was because when he met Elijah, not only did he recognise Elijah as the prophet of God and call him my Lord (1 Kings 18:7), Elijah knew who Obadiah was and requested him to deliver a message to Ahab. (1 Kings 18:8). Perhaps this was not the first time these men were in each other’s company.

I will submit to you that Obadiah understood his purpose because although he knew of Ahab’s evil ways (killing prophets, husband to Jezebel – 1 Kings 18:4), he served him with respect and referred to Ahab as his master (1 Kings 18:10). 1 Peter 2:18 reads, “Slaves, in reverent fear of God submit yourselves to your masters, not only to those who are good and considerate, but also to those who are harsh.” With Obadiah’s life, we can see why and how this command from 1 Peter, serves the purposes of God.

So, when it came to the time for the man of God, Elijah, when he needed someone that would act as a mediator, a messenger – Obadiah was obediently in position for this role. Like many of us, although he was fearful for his life, after he had sought assurance from Elijah that his life would be protected – he did as was requested of him and as a result ushered in the show down on mount Carmel and thereafter the end of a three- and half-year drought. (1 Kings